New YUYUFASHIONBOOK start with 3 F : French,  Fashion, Fresh

French :

In new YUYUFASHIONBOOK, we share with you about the real french life. As foreign as touriste yuyu will tell you what is most attractive to us,  where parisian has a drink after work, where they go for a picnic, where they spend time during weekend and of course where you can find delicious french style food and pastry…  If you are like me, dream a french life, want to spend your holiday in paris and live like a real parisian, follow the New YUYUFASHIONBOOK, we will use camera and words tell you everything you want to know.

Fashion :

This time we will not just talk fashion weeks, fashion news, most important part in new YUYUFASHIONBOOK is that we talk about shopping. Like we all know Paris is shopping paradise, but lots of you may only know those, which may not meet your needs. Here yuyu will take you shopping with me, tell you where you can find your favorite luxury brand product, where you can find something make you like fashion icon, which is the concept store you must go and of course for people interested in vintage and flea, I will show you the best market.

Fresh :

Fresh we talk here it not means fresh idea. It’s just yuyu want people get know this Chinese new face, a 100% Chinese girl live in Paris with huge passion for Fashion and love of life. As « fresh Chinese blogger in Paris », wish some of my dress code will inspire you,  and my travel dairies will give you new idea.

So welcome to YUYUFASHIONBOOK, Bienvenue, 欢迎你们 !!!


About yuyu :

Chinese born, live in France since 2008, Obtain a MBA Marketing management degree in 2013, creative director of YUYUFASHIONBOOK. Chinese, french, english speaker. Elle china, 163 fashion China, (china), Rouge Magazine, Modernlady contributor.

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